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Cabinet and Furniture Restoration

itel’s Wood Restoration network, previously known as Renovar, repairs damaged cabinets and wood furniture to bring you peace of mind. Some services are still provided on the Renovar website.

Temporary Housing Support

Your insurance carrier may contract with itel’s Housing Solutions, formerly called Housing Headquarters, to help you find hotels, rental homes, or other accommodations if your home has suddenly become uninhabitable. Some services are still provided on the Housing Headquarters website

Flooring Sample Submission

Send in a sample of flooring to our operations center and we will analyze it to determine an accurate replacement value.

Shingle Match Submission

Our analysts will examine an asphalt shingle, tile, or other roofing sample and provide the best available match to the original product.

Siding Match Submission

Mail a sample of siding to our operations center to find the best available match to the original product. We take into account both the original color and any fading over time in our final report.

Contact Information

itel Laboratories Inc.
6676 Corporate Center Parkway
Suite 107
Jacksonville, FL 32216

800-890-ITEL (4835)

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Additional Support

Need technical support, training or have a question? Everything you need is only a click away.



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