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Temporary Housing Made Easy: 5 Steps for Adjusters


When a policyholder contacts you, you turn to us. And we immediately get to work. itel’s first goal is to secure “night-of-the-incident” housing, often at a hotel. If it’s clear they’ll be out of their home for over a month, a hotel won’t be cost-efficient for you and will feel cramped for them. So, we start looking for a temporary home right away. Here’s how we make this process smooth for you and your policyholder:

Hotel Placement

Immediate Relief in Crisis

When a policyholder’s home has suffered significant damage, they’re in shock and need shelter fast—itel steps in to provide immediate response and peace of mind.

  • Urgent, 24/7 response: We are available 24/7/365 to ensure your policyholder gets the help they need when they need it
  • Pre-negotiated rates: We secure the best rates to manage costs effectively
  • Direct interaction with the homeowner: We take the burden off your shoulders by dealing directly with the policyholder

Long-Term Stays

Tailored Living Solutions

When a more extended stay is necessary, we collaborate with policyholders to find a living situation tailored to their needs. We lease all property types and accommodate special requests like ADA accessibility and pet-friendliness to help homeowners feel comfortable.

  • Fully managed paperwork, move-ins, rental payments, and more: We handle all administrative tasks to make the transition as seamless as possible
  • Rental furniture: We provide and manage rental furniture to ensure the home is ready for occupancy
  • Home maintenance: We take care of home maintenance, so policyholders don’t have to worry about anything
  • 24/7/365 homeowner support: Our team can always assist with any issues or concerns

Catastrophic Event Support

Expertise in Crisis Management

Our experienced CAT specialists are trained to provide support following wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other large-scale catastrophic events.

Our Process

Making Relocation Easy

  1. Getting Your Approval on the Budget: The budget is our guideline for all rental agreements we’ll arrange (the home, furnishings, housewares, etc.). We’ll present a budget and then work with you to ensure it fits within the policy’s ALE limits.
  2. Talking to the Policyholder: We manage expectations and explain what their policy allows (i.e., homes “of like kind and quality”). We discuss any special needs or requests they may have, such as pet-friendly accommodations, accessibility for disabilities, or keeping kids in the same school district. We ensure they understand what their policy covers (rent, furnishings, etc.) and what will generally be their responsibility.
  3. Finding Housing Options: We search our extensive rental home database, which features thousands of homes nationwide. If needed, we research the area for rental properties. If the rental market is tight, we explore creative solutions such as contacting local newspapers and Chambers of Commerce or negotiating with homeowners looking to sell.
  4. Sharing Options with the Policyholder: We present the homes we’ve found to the policyholder and let them choose their preference. If they are still looking for a place they like, we will keep looking until we meet their needs while staying within your approved budget.
  5. Negotiating the Lease: We negotiate lease terms using our market knowledge and frequent rental activities. We handle all the details and back-and-forth communication, so you don’t have to. Once the policyholder signs the rental agreement, we coordinate the move-in, aiming to make the process as easy as possible for the policyholder.

With itel, you ensure your policyholders are well cared for, reflecting positively on the service you provide during their time of need.