Improve Accuracy on First-Visit Claims with the ITEL Mobile Lab App

The ITEL Mobile Lab App provides a fast and accurate solution for adjusters and contractors on first-visit settlements with flooring, roofing, and siding lab reports returned in just 30 minutes! For area rugs, you can receive a certified appraisal in just one business day.

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The experience gained from over 4 million tests at your fingertips

Fast results don't help your claim if the pricing is inaccurate or subjective. The ITEL Mobile Lab app uses the experience gained from 20 years of innovative analysis to bring you the ideal combination of speed, accuracy, and independent pricing and matching.

To make sure you receive the most accurate results possible, the app guides you through the photos and measurements needed so that you can collect and upload your info in 5 minutes or less. Once the data is uploaded to the ITEL lab, our analysts use scientific processes and our industry-leading product databases to quickly calculate an unbiased replacement flooring price from your photos and measurements. For roofing and siding, we find the best available matching products and identify local distributors. You'll receive your ITEL lab report by e-mail and in the app, with results available in just 30 minutes. Same-day service is also available.

The ITEL Mobile Lab app is available for:

  •  iPhone® and  iPad®
  • Android™ phones and tablets
  • Web app for laptops with wireless connections (for roofing and siding)

You'll have the same account for both versions, so you can use the app interchangeably with different devices.

How to Download and Register

Getting started is easy:

1. Download 2. Register 3. Confirm
Download the ITEL app for iPhoneDownload the ITEL app from Google Play

Register for an account at You can also order a kit while registering.

We'll send you a confirmation code e-mail so that you can set-up your secure password. Once you receive the kit, you're ready to start using the app.


What kind of claims is the ITEL Mobile Lab app designed for?

The app's 30 minute turnaround time is especially helpful on first-visit settlements such as catastrophe claims. For rugs, the app allows you to receive an appraisal in just one business day without sending a sample or requiring a third party to visit the loss.

Who should download the app?

The app is designed to be used by adjusters, contractors, and other claim professional working on insurance claims.

What tools do I need to use the app?

For the mobile app, you need an iPhone, iPad, or Android device. For the web version, you need a laptop with an internet connection. To collect measurements and photos, you need:

For siding matches:

  • ITEL Mobile Toolkit for Roofing and Siding - The kit contains tools specially designed to help you accurately measure siding thickness and provide standardized color data.
  • Digital camera if using your laptop
  • Tape measure

For asphalt roofing matches:

  • ITEL Mobile Toolkit for Roofing and Siding - The kit contains tools specially designed to help you accurately provide standardized color data.
  • Tape measure
  • Digital camera if using your laptop
  • Haag Shingle Gauge™

For flooring:

  • ITEL Mobile Toolkit for Flooring - The kit contains tools specially designed to help you accurately take the required photos.

For rug appraisals:

  • Tape measure
  • Digital camera if using your laptop
Is the app free?

The mobile app is a free download. When you use the app, we'll bill the test fee for each claim to the same account we currently use for the physical samples you send to the lab.

Does the app tell me how to take photos and measurements?

Yes; on the iPhone and Android version help is included on every screen. On the web app version for laptops, you can access help wherever you see a  .

How long will it be before I get my report?

Once we receive the data, an ITEL analyst will begin finding available matches based on your measurements and photos. You'll receive your flooring, siding, or roofing report in just 30 minutes. A same-day-service option will be available soon. For area rugs, your certified appraisal will be returned by the next business day.

What hours can I use the app?

You can submit tests at any time. Siding, roofing, and flooring tests received Monday-Friday between 8AM and 7:30PM ET will be completed and returned within 30 minutes.Tests received after 7:30 PM will be completed the morning of the next business day. We may extend hours in the future based on test volume. Area rug reports are returned the next business day after the test is received.

You can access your data and the reports already returned to you at any time.

What if I have more questions?

Let us help! Contact ITEL Customer Service at 800-890-4835 or contact our support team. Live customer support is available Monday-Friday, 8AM to 9PM Eastern Time.

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